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IMG_5837Congress has the power to stop the FCC from voting away our rights in one day. They absolutely need to hear our voices.



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An incomplete history of protest

hipstamaticphoto-527276422.586578I hate to be the one to bring it up, but America is burning. The Whitney exhibit “An incomplete history of protest”, however, is the museum exhibit we need to see in order to reconnect with our protest-strong past. And hopefully save the future.

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Protest caroling

IMG_5117After having an anxiety attack in the car because I was’t able to park, waves of relief washed over me because I had made it to Skyline Park. It’s not a big deal to get there or anything, but going to the unknown, where I won’t know exactly where to park, where I won’t know exactly how to get home, is a challenge for the anxious person controlling my brain, nervous system.

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A blog of books

IMG_5161Since I am basically trying to attain my dream job of reading for living, I’ll be discussing books that I finish weekly on here. Its essentially my blog of books.

This week’s main selection is “The Red Web: The Kremlin’s War on the Internet.” Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan expertly build the cathedral of deception on which Putin “prays” to stifle, survey, and ultimately suppress dissent across a free and open internet. Continue reading “A blog of books”